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To avoid numerous other oral health risks associated with missing teeth such as further tooth decay and tooth slippage, it is important to replace all missing teeth whenever you lose any. If you are scheduled for a tooth extraction in the future, it is important to have a general idea in place after speaking with your dentist about a tooth replacement to be installed. Three common tooth prosthetics that are popular include dentures, dental implants and dental bridges.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is highly effective if you’re looking for a permanent prosthetic that can drastically improve your smile and its function. Dental implants go on strong and are applied directly to your jawbone. Because of this bond, you can make sure there will be zero food restrictions and your mouth will continue to function as intended.

Dental bridges do not connect to your jawbone. Instead, they are connected to nearby teeth. They can be used if your jawbone is too weak to hold implants.

If you’re looking for a removable tooth replacement, dentures are an effective option. Dentures come in two main forms, partial dentures, which can be crafted for as little as a single tooth, or complete dentures, which can be crafted for entire rows of teeth. No matter which option you choose, it is important to make sure you clean your dentures effectively every night.

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