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Dental crowns for the new year could be all that you are looking for to top off your oral health care with a dazzling smile. Our expert team of dentists at Team Dental at Burke, specialize in custom-made prosthetic dental crowns that are cemented into place to cover damaged teeth to protect them while also giving your smile a more pleasing appearance. With only a few short visits, we can have your permanent crown designed and put into place for a comfortable fit that is bound to please. Many common oral ailments can be solved with the simple barrier that dental crowns can provide.

If you have any damaged teeth or teeth weakened from tooth decay, dental crowns can be used to hold the remaining tooth together or even hold together bits of cracked teeth. Dental crowns even work for teeth that have been severely worn down by bruxism.

Sometimes, a tooth may need to be protected from future damage and to help prevent tooth decay. For individuals who do not keep their oral hygiene at peak levels, dental crowns can be used to help protect vulnerable teeth.

Dental crowns are great for not only protecting damaged teeth but are also beneficial for improving their look. If you have any damaged teeth that need a cosmetic upgrade but are too far damaged for veneers to work, dental crowns can help. If you have had a dental procedure that you wish to cover up, such as a dental filling or a dental bridge, then dental crowns are a perfect choice to receive a natural-looking and aesthetically beautiful fit.

Dental crowns can be your pathway to a beautiful smile this year. If you would like to book an appointment with Dr. Michael King at our office in Burke, Virginia, please contact us at 703-865-8371. Call us now to learn more about all the amazing dental services we can provide.