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Are you doing enough to keep your mouth safe and free of cavities? Cavities form when your tooth enamel is breached. This often occurs due to dental erosion, which can be prevented by following safe cleaning tips and eating a healthy diet. Listed below are some easy tricks to keep your mouth clean and clear of cavities:

– Avoid foods that easily stick to your teeth and gums after feasting.
– Using a toothbrush that has soft bristles and is long enough to easily and effectively reach all areas of your mouth.
– Use a dental floss that is shred-resistant.
– Lok for cleaning tools that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance or products that have been recommended or approved by your dentist.
– Try adding additional cleaning products to your oral health care routines, such as mouthwash and sugarless gum.
– Eat a healthy diet that is full of nutritious vitamins and minerals and low in sugars.
– Always schedule and attend regular meetings with your dentist for an oral exam and professional cleanings twice per year.

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