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As you may already know, eating disorders destroy your health and your body, but did you know it also destroys your smile? Well, it’s true. In fact, eating disorders can eat away your teeth and cause many dental issues. This is why Dr. Michael King and our dental team strongly encourage you to eliminate the disorder from your life as soon as possible.

Until you can quit the habit, it’s important to do all you can to keep your smile and oral health in top-notch condition. To help you do so, we have some tips and information for you.

First, keep your smile in tip-top shape by keeping up on oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is vital if you want a healthy, beautiful, and strong smile. So, don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your smile once a day, and rinse your mouth daily. Please make sure to use the proper oral hygiene instruments while doing these things so you can clean your pearly whites and care for your oral tissues.

Second, rinse your mouth. Do not brush your teeth after throwing up. Brushing will only erode the tooth enamel more. Instead, swish baking soda mixed with water in your mouth to neutralize the effects of the acid in your bile.

Third, visit Dr. Michael King. Make sure you do so every six months for your professional dental cleanings and exams. These visits will help you keep your smile in tip-top shape and will also help you prevent tooth decay, gum disease, enamel erosion, and other dental issues.

Doing these things can help you in a myriad of ways, but, remember, they can only benefit you when you are working toward quitting your eating disorder. Otherwise the acid will destroy your teeth no matter how much you care for your smile. For more information and details, call Team Dental at Burke at 703-865-8371 at your earliest convenience. Our dental team is more than happy to help you, and we look forward to giving you the help you need to return to the healthiest body and smile possible.