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If you are brushing your teeth diligently after every meal, your tooth surfaces are happy, but you may be missing the particles that collect in between your teeth, and to those teeth, it might seem as if you didn’t brush!

This is where flossing will round out your daily oral health routine as it removes the debris left behind by your toothbrush, protecting your gums and teeth from infection and cavities built up by hardened plaque. This is true not only for food particles that get left behind, but also the bacteria that collect in those crevices as well.

There are so many varieties of dental flossing devices available now in your grocery store or local drugstore dental aisle. They come in string or ribbon form, can be waxy coated or uncoated, may have minty flavors to help freshen your breath, and all do an excellent job of cleaning between your teeth.

Water flossers are another excellent option, though using one will limit you to using it at home only. String or ribbon flossers can be carried with you throughout the day and can be used after brushing and rinsing your teeth after any snack or meal. They are inexpensive so you can throw them away after each use.

And finally, the important thing about flossing is not how many times a day you do it but that you do it at least once thoroughly every day. Your teeth and gums will thank you as you maintain their health with your daily care.

Please check with your dentist if you have any questions or concerns about flossing your teeth, and keep your smile bright for a lifetime! We are always here to help 703-865-8371.