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Are you aware that there is an orthodontic aligner system that is nearly invisible and is metal-free? It’s true and it’s called Invisalign®. The Invisalign clear aligner treatment system uses a patented thermoplastic material to comfortably straighten your teeth without the need for heavy metal brackets or dangerous wires.

With Invisalign, you smile will look and feel better and be on the road to a straight smile in no time. Invisalign’s aligners can be customized and replaced to continuously shape and mold your teeth into an aesthetically pleasing configuration until the treatment is finished.

Due to their patented thermoplastic design, Invisalign aligners remain metal-free and can be taken out as needed. Because they are removable, there are no food restriction, so you are free to enjoy the foods you love. Before eating, remove your Invisalign aligners during mealtime. When you are finished, return the aligners back in place so they can continue to function properly and work to enhance your smile.

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