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The socket joints that make jaw function possible are called temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs. TMJs are designed to lift and close the jaw in a variety of angles, which promotes the chewing of food, and our speech patterns. Oftentimes they can become damaged, but we tend to associate the pain with some other ailment in our head.

Hidden damage to your TMJs could be causing your pain. Exercise the following treatment methods to protect your jaw:

– Avoid chewing bubble gum or biting your nails, as they can cause unnecessary stress to your TMJs.
– Heat packs can be used to reduce the pain caused by TMJ disorders.
– If you are looking for treatment systems you can practice at home, meditation and biofeedback are excellent relaxation remedies for jaw tension.
– Take any medications as prescribed by your dentist.
– Chewing tough or hard foods can put stress on your TMJs, so avoid thick foods and eat only softer foods.
– Always speak with your dentist at Team Dental at Burke for treatments and instructions to protect your TMJs.
– Bruxism can cause TMJ disorders, so sleep with a night guard or a bite plate to prevent grinding your teeth at night.

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