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Protect your smile from the dangers of poor dietary choices. The products you devour play a large role in your overall oral health care. Be aware of foods and drinks that seek to destroy your tooth enamel and ruin your oral health. Listed below are common foods and drinks you should avoid to ensure your smile will remain remarkable:

Acidic Foods:

– If you want to keep your smile shining, avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Sticky or Chewy Foods:

– In order to keep your teeth safe from tooth decay and gum disease, avoid sticky or chewy foods such as candy bars and gummy snacks.

Hard Foods:

– If you wish to avoid oral accidents and injuries, remove hard foods from your diet that can chip or crack your teeth.

Sugary Sweets:

– Your tooth enamel can easily be damaged by sugary sweets such as soft drinks and candies.

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