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Did you know that a hole in your tooth enamel is known as a cavity? Although cavities are extremely common, if left untreated, they can lead to infections and eventual tooth loss. Fortunately, oral health care treatments exist to help treat and eradicate cavities from your teeth including dental fillings.

Dental fillings are tooth restoration treatments designed to eliminate cavities and prevent future cavities from arising. A dental filling is placed inside a cavity to protect the teeth from decay. One of the most popular forms of dental fillings is composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored composites.

Tooth-colored composites use porcelain or resin materials to effectively fill in holes where cavities have formed. Composite fillings can be shaded to mimic the natural look of teeth, and can be easily replaced. Composite fillings can be replaced and reapplied multiple times over without removing the original filling.

Speak with your dentist if you are in need of a composite filling. If you would like to schedule your dental filling treatment at Team Dental at Burke or would like a comprehensive oral exam from Dr. Michael King and our team at our dentist office in Burke, Virginia, please give us a call at 703-865-8371. A better smile is your first step to a brighter, healthier lifestyle that can improve your life for many years to come.