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When you have a bit of a toothache from an emerging or impacted wisdom tooth, there are some remedies you can try using to lessen the uneasiness. However, please note that no home remedy can replace the thoughtful care of a licensed professional; see us if the pain is chronic or major. Here are a couple of things you can try at home when the uneasiness is only minor.

Some drops of clove oil, which contains numbing properties, can be placed on cotton swabs or q-tips and seated on the sore area to soothe away the discomfort; do not leave the cotton in the mouth for long and do not use much oil since surplus exposure to it can cause burns.

Garlic contains chemicals which fight bacterial infections, so you can use it when your wisdom teeth are infected. Mix minced garlic with a tiny bit of salt and rub it on the infected spot. Likewise, saltwater fights bacterial infections. Mix salt with warm water and flush your mouth out for about a minute once or twice per day; don’t swallow the water!

Finally, you can use tea at home to battle the effects of a painful tooth. Peppermint tea is awesome for numbing the chompers, and black tea can help bleeding chompers stop bleeding by creating clots. You can also clamp your teeth down on a moistened tea bag to make teeth stop bleeding.

If you are observing excessive or severe discomfort or bleeding, please do not attempt any of these remedies. Instead, phone our office at 703-865-8371 and set up your next appointment with Dr. Michael King and the Team Dental at Burke staff in Burke, Virginia.