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Do you know what the functions of a dental crown are? Dental crowns are restorative treatments designed to cover and conceal damaged or discolored teeth for a firm hold that can vastly extend the life of a tooth and greatly enhance its aesthetics.

Dental crowns are designed to fit easily into your mouth based on each individual’s needs. Not only are they fully customizable, but dental crowns are also extremely durable and can easily last two decades or more of normal wear and tear in a person’s mouth. However, if a dental crown should ever be knocked loose, cover the wound in a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil and visit your dentist to have the crown reset or replaced as soon as you are able.

Dental crowns are also effective when combined with other oral health care treatments. Dental crowns can cover up implants, bridges, root canals and fillings. In the case of dental fillings, a cavity may be too large for a filling to work correctly. In this case, a dental crown can be used to bond the two sides together and hold the tooth and the filling in place.

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