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If you’re wearing a dental mouth guard, we salute you! (And if you’re not using one but interested in what one could do, please let us know.) There’s one thing that’s important to note with oral mouth guards: although they’re shaped to aid your pearly whites to last a long time, they are not developed to last forever. If you’ve been wearing a mouth guard for a while now, it is perhaps time for a substitute.

Because mouth guards protect your teeth from trauma and dangers, they themselves are taking the impact of the harm. Over time, incisions, indents and weakening to the mouth guard can hurt its integrity, making it more probable to fail when you need it.

Another reason that mouth guards don’t last forever is since teeth naturally move around. A mouth guard that fits right now might not fit correctly in as soon as a year‘s time. Dr. Michael King can look at your chompers and the fit of your mouth guard during your visits to our office.

The bottom line is that you need to do whatever you can to protect your teeth, and inspection of your mouth guard by an experienced professional will assist you to keep your chompers secure. This is extra imperative if you are an athlete or prone to facial or oral injuries.

We’d love to help fit you for an oral mouth guard or evaluate the fit and disorder of your in-use mouth guard. Please come see us at our Team Dental at Burke office in Burke, Virginia. Feel free to set up your next checkup now by calling us at 703-865-8371.